Sourcing plays a key role for outsource products. One of the major responsibility of NUSDAT-UTS is to provide a proper guideline to sourcing department so they can confirm appropriate components accordingly.

You may have a Good Sourcing Team, but we can make them BETTER

NUSDAT-UTS can guide you to choose the perfect raw materials

When you are manufacturing the products and planning to export them internationally, your sourcing team should be concerned about the certification of the raw materials. NUSDAT-UTS can help you about that. We can provide you

  • Pre-conditioning of the raw materials for any product compliance
  • Certificate evaluation of the supplier
  • Selecting the best supplier for sourcing the raw materials
  • Give consultancy about the RoHS compliance


NUSDAT-UTS can assist you to select the right testing equipment

As we have to deal with various type of testing equipment for household products, we can assist you to find the best possible testing equipment for laboratory. We can further support you with our Calibration facility.