Product reliability testing can help to predict future behavior during the complete life cycle of the product, component or material under test. In combination with the measurement of relevant parameters and the use of appropriate analytical methods, it is also possible to identify failure modes. We can also test transportation hazard simulation of this product .The transportation test contain vibration test, drop test and compression test. We also offer door open-close test for Refrigerator & Freezer system.

Why do you need to check the reliability of your household products?

Reliability Lab mainly test whether is your product reliable for transportation and handling. This lab runs the simulation in the extreme possible condition according to International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) and ASTM standards for transportation. It is also capable of following the customer requirements such as Reliance, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Havells etc. It is the first ever in-house reliability testing facilitate Lab in Bangladesh.

What are the Test Programs for Reliability checking of the Household Products?

Reliability Lab of NUSDAT-UTS sets the test programs according the ISTA and ASTM standards as well as customer requirements. Test programs consist of a series of integrated tests as follows:

  • Atmospheric Preconditioning
  • Atmospheric Conditioning
  • Compression
  • Vibration
  • Drop
  • Incline Impact

In addition to the reliability tests, we have the facilities for durability checking of the refrigerator door. It also customizable as per the customer requirements.

Is the Reliability Lab accredited by the authorized third party?

No, it’s not accredited yet. But we are in the process for the accreditation under to International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).