Chemicals make modern life possible – everything is made from them. But not all the chemicals are safe for health and the environment. Better knowledge and regulation of harmful chemicals protects workers, consumers and the environment, makes recycling easier, and encourages industry to develop safer alternatives. NUSDAT-UTS offers chemical testing services consultancy is to assist product manufacturers to comply with the national, regional, and international regulations on the safe use of hazardous chemicals in their products.

Why chemical compliancy is required for your product?

Most chemical regulations like RoHS, REACH , TSCA, FCM , TPCH, POPs etc. aims at restricting or reducing the use of harmful chemicals in product whereas CP65, CLP etc. aims at introducing mandatory labeling requirement of hazardous chemical substances to inform consumers about their hazards. These harmful chemicals is a matter of concern as their exposure is not safe. A certain amount exposure to these hazardous chemicals can be detrimental to our health as they can cause harmful effects on our respiratory, renal, cardiovascular, reproductive, neurological, hepatic system as well as skin problems.

These regulations is not only associated with health and environmental effect but also with global recognition. Your product is required to be complied with these regulation with a view to increasing the acceptability of the product in the global market. For example, exporting your RoHS and REACH non-compliant electrical product to EU market can be challenging and sometimes of legal matter.

To sum up, your product compliancy with global regulations associated with chemical safety would make your product global market competent, prevent potential health and environmental risk that can be caused by the product as well as contribute to increase your business’s reputation.

Which services can NUSDAT-UTS offer regarding chemical testing and certification?

-Market study for chemical regulatory requirement

-Buyer specific requirement analysis for chemical compliancy

Providing chemical testing services communicating with third party accredited labs

Report analysis of chemical testing and certification

-Product development consultancy according to chemical regulatory requirements.