NUSDAT-UTS have its own state of performance testing facility equipped with highly advanced and accurate equipment to assure Consistency in Reliable Performance. We got country’s first performance laboratories accredited by BAB to conduct test based on the requirements of energy norms by various countries. The products can be tested at extreme climatic conditions both in terms of high temperature and humidity level.

Why do you need Performance Testing for your Household Products?

To export your product in international market, you’ll need:

  • Certification of the products under different performance standards
  • Proof of the capability of meeting the energy and performance requirements for short term as well as long term service.

Which products can be tested at NUSDAT-UTS Performance laboratories?

NUSDAT-UTS has the country’s first accredited refrigerator and air conditioner for performance testing. We have the facilities for testing the following products:

  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioner
  • Washing Machine


What facilities can NUSDAT-UTS offer for the performance test of Refrigerator?

NUSDAT-UTS has world’s finest technologies for performance testing of Refrigerator. We have 14 working climate chambers for testing more than 100 units at the same time. Each chamber is highly capable of testing the performance of the refrigerator at any given condition for the Temperature Range of -30˚C to +80˚C (with the precision of 0.01˚C) and Humidity Range of 10% to 95%.

 We have testing scopes under these following standards:

  • IEC/EN 62552: 2020
  • AHAM HRF-1: 2008
  • UAE.S 5010
  • AUS/NZS 4474: 2018
  • IS 1476 (part-1): 2000
  • IS 15750: 2006
  • SASO 2892: 2018


According to these standards, we run more than 50 tests on a Refrigerator before giving clearance. Major tests among them are:

  • Energy Consumption Test – ECT
  • Ice Making Test – IMT
  • Cooling Capacity Test – CCT
  • Freezing Capacity Test – FCT
  • Pull Down Test – PDT
  • Measurement of Volume
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Storage Test

What facilities can NUSDAT-UTS offer for the performance test of Air Conditioner?

We have the testing facilities for both residential and commercial type Air Conditioner. Such as:

  • Wall Mounted Split Type Air Conditioner
  • Portable Air Conditioner
  • Window Type Air Conditioner
  • VRF Type Air Conditioner
  • Multiple Split Type Air Conditioner
  • Light Commercial Type Air Conditioner

NUSDAT-UTS has 6 performance laboratories for air conditioner testing. We have the capacity of testing 6 units at a time in those labs. Each chamber is highly capable of testing the performance of the refrigerator at any given condition for the Temperature Range of -30˚C to +65˚C (with the precision of 0.2˚C) and Humidity Range of 30% to 90%.

We have the testing scopes under the following standards:

  • BDS ISO 5151: 2012 (Bangladesh)
  • ANSI/AHAM PAC-1-2015 (USA)
  • e CFR Appendix M1 to subpart B of Part 430 (USA)
  • ANSI/ASHRAE 37-2009 (USA)
  • ANSI/AHAM PAC-1-2015 (USA)
  • IS 1391 (Part-2): 2018 (India)
  • EN 14825:2018 (European Union Countries)
  • EN 14511-1, -2, -3, -4: 2018 (European Union Countries)
  • SASO 2681: 2013 (Saudi Arabia)
  • S/ISO 5151:2010 (United Arab Emirates)


An Air Conditioner gets a clearance certificate after passing the following tests

Cooling Test

Heating Test

Cooling Capacity Test

Max. Cooling Performance Test

Minimum Cooling, Freeze-up Air blockage Test

Freeze-up Drip Performance Test

Condensate Control and Enclosure Sweat performance Test

Heating Capacity Test

Max. Heating Performance Test

Minimum Heating Performance Test

Automatic Defrost Performance Test

Heat Recovery Test


What facilities can NUSDAT-UTS offer for the performance test of Washing Machine?

We also have the facilities for Washing machine Performance Test. Washing Machine laboratory functions are:

Air Handling features:

  • Test Room DBT: 5 ~40°C RH: 40 ~95%
  • Load Room DBT: 20±2°C RH: (65±5%)

Water Conditions:

  • Cold water temperature: 5 ~30°C (±0.5°C)
  • Hot water temperature: 30 ~85°C (±0.5°C)
  • Water pressure: 240kPa(±50kPa)
  • Water hardness: 2.5±0.2mmol/L or 0.5±0.2mmol/L


  • Washing machine: 5 units at a time (max.10kg)
  • Washing machine: 2 units at the same time (max. 20kg)
  • UUT water flow range: 0 ~30L/min

The standards which can be followed by the lab are:

  • IEC 60456: 2010
  • EN 60456: 2016
  • EN 50229: 2015
  • IEC 61121: 2013
  • EN 61121: 2013
  • GB/T 4288: 2018

We can run following tests on a Washing Machine:

  • Measurements to determine washing performance
  • Measurements to determine water extraction performance
  • Measurements to determine rinsing performance
  • Measurements to determine water consumption
  • Measurements to determine energy consumption
  • Measurements to determine program time
  • Measurements to determine the test RPM of machine
  • Measurements to determine the vibration making by the machine