Regulatory Consultancy

Main responsibility is to find out different country’s requirements of specific products. To be familiar with the market requirements. We always stay up to date with the product standards, also keep themselves in touch with different regulatory bodies across the globe. Understanding the compliance needs, analyzing the standards and offering support, help & guide the regulatory bodies are also parts of their job. We ensure product certification & license from different authorities. Being a medium between product testing & certification is their duty. We have to be updated about any types of upgradations, modification, and elimination of specific market requirement & circulate accordingly.

What is Regulatory Bodies?

Different countries have different organizations to certify the products. They are called the Regulatory Bodies. Such as Bangladesh Standardization and Testing Institute (BSTI) for Bangladesh, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for India, Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) for USA etc.

How the Regulatory Bodies regulate?

India has BIS to authorize the products for Indian market. Though you have all the test certificates of the product according to Indian standard, you can’t access the Indian market without the authorization from BIS. Here comes the concept of Regulatory Consultancy.

What Regulatory Consultant Team of NUSDAT-UTS can offer?

Our Regulatory Consultant Team is continuously working with these regulatory bodies. They are familiar with the complex governmental regulations and expert in this field. They will guide you to receive the authorization for any household products for any desired market. If you need any internal inspection for that purpose our Internal Audit Team can help you with that.