Accreditation is the act of awarding permission to an organization by an official review body once the organization has completed particular conditions. NUSDAT-UTS is the first ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory in Bangladesh. We have qualified instructors who will provide a complete guidance for accreditation and consultancy. Our experts will make the accreditation process easy and hassle-free. 

Accreditation Consultancies

“Tested once, accepted everywhere” –

It’s the moto of accreditation. Once the compliance is done from accredited lab, the product then ready to fly. It’s not feasible to send samples apart from plant, the duration in between the communication is system loss. The better approach to step up the laboratory to accredited one. It’ll reduce the time to sending samples and return it again along with so associated formalities.

What is on our bag for you?

We’ve running on our third cycle of accreditation; it’s been almost a decade. Smart and energetic people here dealing with wings like Refrigerator performance, Air conditioner performance, CB Safety Laboratory, along with some teams are still grooming (i.e., Washing machine performance, Fan performance, and Calibration laboratory). Based on our expertise, considering your requirement, scrutinizing affecting parameters, hopefully we can guide you to the path of success.