NUSDAT-UTS provides Calibration services for different test and measurement instruments with world-class calibrators to accommodate our customers’ requirements. NUSDAT-UTS has an equipped Calibration Lab with a variety of calibration disciplines like Electrical, Pressure, Temperature, Mass, Length parameters and so on. Calibration refers to the documented comparison process through which an instrument is compared with a traceable reference device for evaluating the performance of the instrument. For repetitive measurement instrument’s accuracy may drift over time. So, Periodic calibration is required to ensure accuracy and precision of instruments and it ensures longer instruments life, increased safety, reduce cost, easier certification and so on.

Why calibration is important?

Calibration is nothing but measurement of measurements. It’s not just a certificate but a confidence with the measurement taken. From business perspective, if any meter having positive error, it will not satisfy your declaration to customer, which would be a legal issue. So, calibration is the single word representing confidence, quality, reputation, sustainability and many more.

Worry about expense?

Let’s assume you have a length measuring tools which has negative inaccuracy of 1% of measurement, too small to worry about, right? Again, say you have to measure pipes of 1000m daily, 365000m per year, now go for the math, somebody taking 3650m per year of tubes from you without any payment. Considering 1000bdt/meter, the number raised to 36.5 lacs, which can be eliminate by taking a calibration costing 3000. So, its not about expense, it’s an investment.

What we have to support you?

The bad news is, we don’t have any accredited calibration laboratory, the good news is we have the calibration laboratory and at the final stage for the application of getting accreditation. We have the experienced Man, traceable precise Machine and established Method. We are only Document review apart from the application. So, if you want to check/verify your equipment, we can do that under bellow parameters:

  1. Thermal
  2. Electro-Technical
  3. Dimension
  4. Pressure
  5. Mass (Weighing Balance)